Public Projects

Public Projects 

Since 2005 I have worked with various arts organisations as a creative practitioner to devise and deliver workshops as well as co curate artworks.  Participants have included: EYFS, KS1-5, YP, HE, SEN, general public and homeless artists for organisations such as The Courtauld, UCL Art Museum, Residency Unlimited New York, Chisenhale Art Place.

In Progress – I am currently working on series of interactive glass works

 Click for video 

Role: Artwork Co creator 

Organisation: Learn Play Create Street Playspace  

–  Collaboration with children and caregivers from Chisenhale Primary School, Tower Hamlets to create signage for their street play space. I co designed and collaborated with children 5-11yrs to create a permanent art work for their school street play space.


– Following a workshopping of ideas on colour and layout with children,  I cut and pre fired glass pieces to allow independent working. Care givers and children worked together (with a light touch from me) to create a series of letters that I could fuse to create the permanent art work.

Thomas age 7  ‘ I love the letter I made, it makes me feel proud’

Role:  Co creator

Organisation: Chisenhale  Primary

Collaboration with students from Yr 5 at Chisenhale Primary School, Tower Hamlets. Using the Courtuald Gallery archive of Bloomsbury Group Omega drawings. Students explored the connection between the 1912-1919 drawings and African Kuba design.

Each student created an ‘off beat’ (non repeating pattern) to base their tile on. I pre fired the glass so children could work independently, moving the glass pieces to test out colour combinations for their design.


Students were also responsible for the final layout,  I worked with small groups of 4 at a time to play with position of tiles, and design the layout of the collaborative piece.


Role:  Co ordinator

Organisation: Chisenhale Summer of Art

Co ordinating the first ever joint public program between Chisenhale Dance Space, Chisenhale Gallery and Chisenhale Studios.

12  workshops and 10 performances were hosted in a street play space over the Summer bringing art directly into the Tower Hamlets E3 community.

Workshops were aimed to invite cross generational collaboration between caregivers and children. Summer of Art ended in September with a festival day of workshops and performances from all institutions.

We had a Children’s feedback table with drawing materials to capture children’s responses to give children a platform to share what they had seen and done during the Summer of Art.

Courtauld Gallery Commissioned Online Resource 2020

Commissioned to create an activity inspired by my own personal relationship to the Courtauld Gallery Collection. I have always been drawn to the intimate nature of  Peter Paul Rubens ‘The family of Jan Brueghel the elder’ and in particular its depiction of touch. The resource is available as a download HERE.

Art Work Exeter, Commissioned Artist 

Paint Making Video 2020

Commissioned to make a Video on my process of making paints in the studio. Part of Artwork Exeters Resilience ACE funded Project

Mind Tower Hamlets : Commissioned Artist 

– Online Workshops during Covid to support wellbeing and mental health in Tower Hamlets.

Video  mindful painting activity exploring touch.

Video on making paint with materials found at home.

Role: Commissioned Learning Resource

Org: Courtauld Gallery and Braintree Museum 

I co designed this downloadable resource  with educator Alice Hellard.


Role: Lead artists on Landscape/Mindscape workshop with yr9

Org: Queens Park Community School

Taking Van Gogh’s paining The Peach Blossom as inspiration students worked with various drawing tools, carbon paper, carcoal, pencil and pens to create layered drawings from life and memory of the landscape around the school.  Drawings were used to create books documenting their journey through the landscape.

Role: Lead Artist, Creative Fused Glass workshop

Organisation: Chisenhale Studios 

I run a monthly glass workshop from my studio. Aimed at adults the session teaches the basics of glass fusing. Participants learn about the history of glass, and how to handle and cut the material.  Following demonstration on different techniques students are able to create their own design in fused glass, creating tiles, coasters and bowls.

Role: Lead Artist Year 11 Curating workshop: Women in Art

Organisation: Our Lady Catholic Highschool. 

Art history and politics A level students participated in a workshop to explore feminist theories and depictions of women in art. Pictured here are students pictching their exhibition concept.

Role: Lead Artists

Organisation: ACAVA & Kensington Aldridge Academy 

Summer Term visiting artists with Yr 10 students. Ran one session a week over  5 week period based on Experimental Portraits. Layering paint, print, fabric the students explored identity.