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Eve Ackroyd, Aglaé Bassens, Nadine Mahoney

June 2- 30, 2017
Opening reception: Friday June 2 , 7.30- 11pm

Java Projects is pleased to Present HEADS, a group show featuring the work of Eve Ackroyd, Aglae Bassens and Nadine Mahoney.

The works in this show combine the influence of historical European Painting and the imagery found in contemporary society, in an age of social media and advertising. These three artists’ practices overlap in harmonious and compelling ways and investigate the shifting nature of the self within a complex and fluid society.

Eve Ackroyd (born UK 1984) paints figures lifted from films and the news. She deftly plays with the positioning of the bodies, anchoring them within the confines of her intimately scaled canvas. Ackroyd is puppet-mastering these figures into an empty stage, they are rid of context, but for shadowy brushstrokes and seductive colour. Like a film the individual scenes weave together into a collection of stories, but they remain distant and impossible to decipher, as we are moved into a state of uneasiness and introspection.

For Aglaé Bassens (born Belgium 1986) composition and cropping play an important part in creating tension between what is revealed and what is concealed. Bassens’ paintings stage the overlooked and the familiar, turned ambiguous and strange in a new painterly context. For HEADS, Aglaé Bassens has created a site specific mural titled ‘Turning Heads’ at The Java Project. The clusters of heads as seen from the back create a repeating pattern of women’s hair, highlighting the material sensuality of paint. The faces are hidden, but the movement in the hair and the tilt of their heads gives the feeling that they are all gazing at something out of our reach. They are turning their back on us, becoming portraits of absence.

Nadine Mahoney (Born UK 1981) has found another way to face up to the self: Hiding in plain sight. She finds a way to paint frontal portraits while never being literal in her description. Through her extensive knowledge of paint, Mahoney’s process is steeped in materiality, and the result are portraits which are descriptive only in their immensely moving and evocative use of paint. With her piece ‘Curioisty didn’t kill the cat’ we encounter a portrait abiding to traditional standards in terms of composition and format, yet features are replaced with strokes of feeling and movement, poignantly reinforcing the fluid nature of identity.

The Java Project is located at 252 Java Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11222.
Nearest Subway is Greenpoint Av G.
Opening 2 June 7.30-11pm as part of Greenpoint Open Studios Night.
Java Projects is open Sundays 12-6pm and by appointment.


Chisenhale Open Weekend 2-4th October

Chance to visit artists studios, gallery exhibition and dance rehearsals as well as talks, workshops and performances.

Fri 6-9pm

Sat 12-5

Sun 12-5


Re-Launch – 27th April-12th June – UCL Art Museum

Re-Launch presents a selection of objects, prints and video made in response to our collections and the theme of re-launch. Its contributors hail from the Slade School of Fine Art and have participated as students in our celebrated annual Slade/UCL Art Museum collaborations over the course of the past six years. While some artists investigate the sculptures, prints and drawings in our collections, others experiment with the physical spaces of the Museum to either exploit or explode notions of the archive and its structure.

South Cloisters, University College London, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT

UCL Art Museum Relaunch Private View

Pause: 20-22nd Feb, Chisenhale Art PLace

Pause…. is an enforced stop in an otherwise energetic studio practice. This three day exhibition is a temporary halt of the artist’s creative process, allowing visitors a snap shot of Nadine Mahoney’s current studio practice. The setting of Studio 4 is neither a formal gallery nor a working studio, instead offering the opportunity to view the works in a contemplative space separated from traditional constructs. Spanning the breadth of her practice, an assemblage of drawings, prints, paintings on copper, canvas and panel will be displayed in this in-between space.

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I will be participating in the Art Car Boot Fair in Folkestone on 30th August

Many pieces have been specially made for the event with paintings, drawings and prints at one day only prices! And to bring a bit of fun to the event, a selection of works will be part of the ‘Art Tombola’ that I am running with artist Jessica Nina Mello. Tickets will be just £10!!!!! with each ticket winning an oringinal piece of art. The full line up has yet to be announced but Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk and Peter Blake are likely to be selling their wares too.

Harbour car park in Folkestone, 12 – 4pm, Saturday 30th August.

Part of the part of the opening weekend of the Folkestone Triennial.

New Georgian Exhibition, 2nd May- 27th July 2014

Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham, TW1 3DJ

Grace has been selected for this group exhibition celebrating the tercentary of the Hanoverian accession.