Work in progress

It has been great settling into my studio post masters. I am working on several new pieces for upcoming 2012 shows. Continuing to push the scale and materials, I’m now working on large scale canvas as well as small copper pieces.

Woburn Research Centre

What an inspiring week returning to working from life. The theme of the Slade Research week was the body, and I decided to go back to basics. I had 2 life models posed whilst I made monoprints, moving away from the contours got me thinking about the body as a physical living being again. It was also great leaving the studio, and working with basic materials, a pot of black relief ink, roller and some paper.

Day One

The first day has flown by, and my first painting is finished.
The windows had a steady flow of visitors and quite a few photographers, so keep an eye out in upcoming press. I’m posting in progress pic of ‘Ambroise’s Cat’

Heals Artist In Residence

All set for the residency! Just finished moving the contents of my studio to the store. From mon to sun next week I will be creating paintings based on Heals’ archive of designs. Here are a few initial studies.