Without Walls: Chisenahle Collaborative Commission

Saturday 24th November, Victor and I presented our collaborative works to the public. The work was made of 2 parts – A video piece projected into pigmented surface and a collage of diaristic images reflecting our dialogue with surface, trace and body during the collaboration. 

For Without Walls Chisenhale Art Place throws open its doors and breaks through the walls of its iconic building, crossing spaces and joining the Dance Space, Gallery and Studios through collaborative acts, talk and debates. The day ended with a panel discussion with the artists and French Mottershead, New Art Club, Anthony Roberts (Colchester Art Centre, Escalator) & Micheal Keenan (Studio 1.1) 

Week 2: Chisenahle Collaborative Commision

We spent a several days discussing space and devising installations that could create 3dimensional sensation of space on a 2dimensional platform. Using the OHP and digital projector we playfully arranged materials to create layered and textured imagined environments. Our discussions expanded to the role of Choreographer, with us each taking turns to direct movement, light and surface.

Without Walls

 I am currently working on a collaborative work for Chisenhale Art Place’s ‘Without Walls’. I am very excited to be working with choreographer and dancer Victor Fong on this project. The piece is in early stages, but I will keep the blog updated with pictures of the piece in progress soon.

Chisenhale Art Place http://chisenhale.co.uk/chisenhale/blog/2012/10/24/without-walls-chisenhale-collaboration/