Nadine Mahoney, b. 1981 London. Gained her MFA from Slade School of Art, UCL in 2011 and BA from Chelsea College of Art, UAL in 2005. She has exhibited extensively in the UK including The Royal Academy of Art, Jerwood Gallery, University College London’s Art Museum, and recently in New York at NARS Foundation, The Java Project and Con Arts Gallery. Nadine has given talks and run workshops at Residency Unlimited, NY; The Courtauld Gallery, London; UCL Art Museum, London. She was shortlisted for the Beers Contemporary Visions Art Prize (2015); Jerwood Drawing Prize (2012) and finalist for The Threadneedle Prize (2011).


Artist Statement

My paintings are abstracted portraits, a series of faces hiding in plain sight. The history of portraiture is a key artistic interest, with references taken from lockets and coins, to modernist painting, death masks and instagram selfies. The works are emotive, and focused on abstract conditions such as daydreaming, excitement, or grief. Working with hand made paints, the works are process driven and created through a series of investigations with texture and pigment density on varying supports. They are subjective portraits that investigate the politics of interpretation within abstraction, how a gesture, colour and materiality can evoke specific yet varied responses from the viewer. Each painting stands alone; but as a series they explore a fascination with the human condition, specifically from a woman’s perspective.