Week 1: Chisenhale Collaboration Commission

First day of the experimental collaboration with Victor Fung. Without an end goal in sight, we embarked on an organic series of experiments. Starting with a movement session (an enlightening experience for me, as it developed an awaress of my body and its relationship to space). In response to the session, I suggested including pigment to capture the movements and create layered imprints of the body.

Acrylic and Graphite on paper

Exploring multiple avenues, the day opened us both to new ways of thinking. Through discussions of material and the body, we investigated: Trace, Absence and Presence. Using studio studio materials that include Traditional Gesso, Graphite, and aluminium, we played with light sources and the body to create permanent and temporal paintings/ drawings as well as performances.
graphite on gesso


Without Walls

 I am currently working on a collaborative work for Chisenhale Art Place’s ‘Without Walls’. I am very excited to be working with choreographer and dancer Victor Fong on this project. The piece is in early stages, but I will keep the blog updated with pictures of the piece in progress soon.

Chisenhale Art Place http://chisenhale.co.uk/chisenhale/blog/2012/10/24/without-walls-chisenhale-collaboration/

Jerwood Drawing Prize

Hanging out at the Jerwood Space for the ‘Meet The Artists’ event last week. Tuxedo was shortlisted with 72 other artists for the prestigious annual drawing prize.

The show is open in London until 28th October at 171 Union Street, Bankside, London SE1 0LN