Day 1 Heals 2011

Made 5 of the huge prints today, and looking forward to working on new images tomorrow. All the prints came out so differently, this is why I love monoprinting- a simple technique with so much variety. The glass temperature changed a lot during the day which had a direct effect on the prints as the ink was softer when hot and stiffer when cold.

May need to pace myself, its exhausting working on this scale.

Heals Residency 2011

Past – Present – Future: Heals residency
29th Jan-6th Feb 2011
I will be creating a series of monoprints using the Totteham court road window as the inking plate. Monoprinting has been part of my practice for some time, and I will be using the residency to explore ideas around memory and trace, using imagery from C18th and C19th portraiture as the figurative reference. The aim is to make the prints life size, using the maximum surface of the window. It will be quite an experimental week, bringing a studio practice into a public space, and I am really excited to see how the prints develop as I respond the physical structure of the Heals front window. I will keep the blog posted with updates during the week.
Inks kindly sponsored by Intaglio Printmaker

Marmite Painting Prize

A painting I made last summer ‘Grace(after Gainsborough)’ has been shortlisted for the marmite painting prize.

The 2010 Marmite Prize for Painting will tour to three venues across England:
Central Art Gallery, Tameside, 8th December 2010-26th Feb 2011.
Lanchester Gallery Projects, Coventry, 3rd March 2011-2nd April 2011
The Nunnery, London 7th April-1st May 2011