Views From The Edge

Last week the VFTE team run a workshop for local children at the Olympic site, Ursula and I ran the mono printing activity which was produced some amazing prints. Running a print workshop outside was challenging to say the least, dealing with strong winds and mid day sun that kept drying out the inks was tough, but we persevered and were both really inspired by the results. And here is the finshed banner that will be on permanent display onsite.


After its delayed opening, we got the show up! 10 artists from the Slade and tutor Jo Volley made work in response to the Kardo Sesseoff collection at Portsea Place. An amazing Georgian House in Marble Arch with an eclectic collection that ranges from medieval arts to modernism.

Responding to the estate was a challenging experience; finding a way to make paintings based on a collection that was mostly painting was really frustrating. I decided to make a series of transcriptions of Catherin The Great, after Alexander Roslin. Responding to the iconic image of a Queen, I focused the drawing on the regal regalia that Catherine wears, choosing to ignore her facial features that seem insignificant against her lavish costume and jewellery.

The show is up now until end of the month. Catalogue launch on 24th June.