Flower Painting

I helped install the Black and White flower painting at Charing Cross Hospital this week. A collaborative art work made by staff and students in Graduate Painting.
Last December we were all given a blank canvas to create our vision of a Black and White Flower painting. I had initially thought the only good thing about painting flowers were the colours, so had no idea how to embark on a painting without all the exciting bits. It took a few months of experimenting in the studio to realise that theme wasn’t quite so removed from my practice, and layered gloss and matt paints to create a work that I am now really proud of. It will be on display in the hospital until November.

Instanbul was Constantinople

A few days after my return from Denmark I was due to leave for Istanbul for a Slade group show and tour of the city. Sadly, the day I was booked to fly the Icelandic ash cloud descended and all flights was cancelled, after waiting in a type of limbo for 2 days I finally realised I wasn’t going to get out there. I ended up emailing a piece of work made with the help of my scanner, some drawings and sheets of printed acetate. Luckily a few students had made it out there earlier, and were able to print and hang the show.

Colour Workshop in Denmark

Its been a hectic few months and I have not had a chance to write updates on my ventures!

Over Easter I was invited to run a colour workshop for an art and animation school in Denmark. The Open Workshop sponsored the long weekend activity, that explored monochrome painting, colour combinations and abstraction. The university set me up with on site accommodation, a bit like living in halls again- which was great. I loved the red wine fulled tutor dinners.

The trip was a new experience for me, it was my first time teaching in a foreign country. The first hurdle was trying to figure out what the word for PVA was in danish, it strangely didn’t translate, so we decided on wood glue as the closest translation. I found working with students from such different countries and artistic interests and abilities to be challenge but a wonderful experience. The diversity of the group worked well, and produced some really exciting paintings. I was particularly fond of the abstracted fire house, which is the last image here.
To see more about the Animation Workshop: http://www.animwork.dk/